Our Services


We specialize in providing full husbandry services for all types of vessels calling the ports of Sri Lanka, a unique service aimed at providing a Quality, Reliable, Trusted and Quick dispatch.

We attend to all port procedures before arrival of the vessel, assisting and organizing all port operations to dispatching the vessel in quick time. We offer a truly professional service, accurate advice and a round-the-clock watch on all vessels whilst in port. With our years of experience in handling vessels of all sizes, we understand the specific needs of each vessel calling the Ports of Sri Lanka and adapt accordingly.

Being conscious about cost is high on our list of priorities, therefore our disbursement accounts and actual costing, unless extraordinary, are very competitive and realistic.

Our approach is very simple, "Give the Ship exactly the service it requires".


A happy and well-fed crew equals an efficiently operating vessel while the opposite would be a disaster in the making. A well-stocked vessel is therefore a primary goal for ship owners and operators. Procuring the right stores for vessels, including finding the right price, goods and timely delivery can become a logistical nightmare – one that is easily avoided by utilizing the services of Ceyship.

We offer a prompt, hassle free and responsive procurement plan for vessels requiring stores when calling the Ports of Sri Lanka. Our personalized service allows the Ship Owner and Crew to meet their needs in procuring the right stores for the vessel at cost effective prices including deck to engine stores and fresh provisions for daily use. This enables the Ship Owner and Master to readily satisfy the crew’s daily requirements, ensuring that both parties are highly satisfied as our past clients will attest.


Do you have any cargo in transit to the Maldive Islands or any other destination? Let us take care of all your transhipment problems. We guarantee the quickest turnaround and dispatch and ensure the minimum cost is incurred during your cargo's transit in Colombo.

This is our specialty. For many years we have been a leader in providing specialist transhipment solutions to our clients, some very complex.

Are you clueless about the procedures governing transhipment in the Port of Sri Lanka? No problem, just tell us your requirement and bring along your Original Bill of Lading, we will do the rest. How much easier can it get?


We are accredited bunker brokers and suppliers and can arrange ship fuels in all Ports of Sri Lanka. We can supply MGO, IFO 120, 180CST and a range of lubricants at port and at anchorage or outer port limits. Our prices are competitive.


NVOCC – handles nonvessel operating container carriers in Sri Lanka. Services provides include imports, Exports and Transhipment handling on containers. We represent Malaysian Container Lines (MCL)


This unit handles all the import and export requirements. We have been serving the Maldives Islands for decades and continue to serve this important client market. We have the capabilities to export any product or item from Sri Lanka at short notice. Services provided include: